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ALRIN MLP INDXSTAY LONG525.29529.78525.29526.14+0.16
AMEX ENVRN SRVSSTAY LONG1,331.141,332.561,320.851,321.15-0.55
BANKSTAY IN CASH70.7570.8370.5370.63+0.17
Dow JonesIA BUYWRITESTAY LONG271.46271.58271.02271.28-0.08
BUYWRITE MNTHLYSTAY LONG1,097.091,097.941,095.961,097.09+0.09
CBOE BUYWRITESTAY LONG447.42447.81446.90447.65+0.23
CBOE RUS 2000 BWSTAY IN CASH198.20198.57198.02198.39+0.12
S&P Buywrite2%OTMBUY1,525.631,527.211,523.091,525.92+0.14
CAP MKT BND IDXSTAY LONG12,780.4512,840.8712,765.2612,840.87+0.58
CAP MKT EQN IDXSTAY LONG19,204.6619,236.5419,182.0719,210.27+0.04
CAP MKT INDEXSTAY LONG15,846.1115,870.2315,839.1715,866.78+0.13
CBOE CHINA INDEXSTAY LONG797.33801.59796.22797.15+0.46
MERGENT DIV 50STAY IN CASH1,089.981,089.981,085.851,086.88-0.27
JCBOE Dow Jones VTY PRCSTAY IN CASH12.0612.3011.8012.08-0.90
JCBOE Dow Jones VTY BIDSTAY IN CASH10.4310.8010.3310.46-1.69
DEFENSE INDEXSHORT689.31689.68684.62686.00-0.58
DYNMC HCS INTLDXSTAY LONG4,656.394,658.334,631.874,646.63-0.07
DYNMC BNK INTLDXSTAY IN CASH1,177.241,180.861,173.131,178.91+0.03
Dow Jones COMP AVERAGESTAY LONG6,103.236,104.386,080.406,088.21-0.04
Dow Jones COMPAVGTRSTAY LONG12,238.5712,265.2512,218.0712,233.64-0.04
Dow Jones SELECTDIVSTAY IN CASH543.84544.03542.34543.13-0.11
Dow Jones INDU AVERAGE NDXSTAY LONG17,117.0117,121.0517,058.0517,086.63-0.16
Dow Jones INDS AVG TRSTAY LONG33,871.9533,871.9533,764.6733,818.69-0.16
Dow Jones USSelHlthCrPrSTAY LONG11,266.8711,291.0111,223.5411,259.17-0.12
Dow Jones USSelHomeBldSTAY IN CASH4,264.914,326.244,238.254,319.17+1.27
Dow Jones USSelInsurSTAY IN CASH5,361.265,381.115,347.095,370.95+0.19
Dow Jones USSelInvSrvSTAY LONG6,619.956,671.176,597.156,659.75+0.69
Dow Jones SELECTMICROCPBUY1,725.411,737.091,724.401,733.34+0.87
Dow Jones USSelMedEqpSTAY LONG14,247.7214,337.2414,247.7214,328.29+1.05
Dow Jones USSelOilEqpPrSTAY LONG12,136.9212,238.0112,103.9512,234.86+0.83
Dow Jones USSelOilEqpSrBUY9,176.409,200.409,107.409,180.37+0.07
Dow Jones USSelPharmSTAY LONG7,226.567,275.737,226.567,251.28+0.46
Dow Jones USSelRegBkSTAY IN CASH284.65285.54283.81285.26+0.26
Dow JonesUSSelTelecomSTAY IN CASH1,819.291,829.471,819.291,825.23+0.41
Dow Jones TRAN AVERAGE NDXSTAY LONG8,511.838,515.048,446.928,468.54+0.16
Dow Jones TRANSAVGTRSTAY LONG12,586.7912,673.3112,574.2512,606.43+0.16
Dow Jones UTIL AVERAGE NDXSTAY IN CASH558.68559.49557.41558.71+0.01
Dow Jones US BRD MKTSTAY LONG499.78500.61498.88500.06+0.16
Dow Jones UTILITYAVGTRSTAY LONG2,043.872,046.942,039.332,044.08+0.01
1/100 Dow Jones INDUSTAY LONG171.17171.21170.58170.87-0.16
SHR BBACK ACH IXSTAY IN CASH8,483.818,493.358,454.518,485.03+0.08
Dow Jones 1/10 TRANS NDXSTAY LONG851.18851.50844.69846.85+0.16
MGNT DV ACH SELSTAY LONG1,809.191,811.821,807.081,808.620.00
DY BULD&CON INTXSTAY LONG3,678.263,697.963,659.223,690.27+0.36
DY ENEP&PRD INTXSTAY LONG7,250.157,275.847,219.117,269.24+0.39
DY INSURANC INTXSTAY SHORT2,811.992,822.332,799.632,816.98+0.26
DY OIL SER INTXSTAY LONG4,020.984,044.773,997.554,043.58+0.63
DY RETAIL INTXBUY4,406.654,423.944,403.744,414.84+0.14
DY UTILITIE INTXSTAY IN CASH2,655.732,661.502,652.872,658.36+0.09
DY TELE INTXBUY2,824.952,835.832,820.382,830.77+0.09
Dow JonesX BASED ON DJISTAY LONG1,711.701,712.111,705.801,708.66-0.16
DYNMC TP2 INTLDXSTAY LONG3,573.933,576.813,557.283,568.29-0.07
DY SOFTWAR INTXSTAY LONG4,577.794,577.794,532.094,534.20-0.71
DY SEMICON INTXSELL2,197.022,197.022,134.862,135.93-3.01
DY FODBEV INTXSTAY LONG2,985.942,986.542,975.112,977.10-0.29
DY HRDCONEL INTXSTAY LONG2,703.652,705.972,688.212,692.05-0.41
DY LISRENT INTXSTAY LONG4,524.754,532.484,509.294,519.62-0.10
DY MEDIA INTXSELL2,687.942,689.332,670.912,677.13-0.41
DY NETWRKN INTXSTAY LONG3,217.943,222.933,188.613,190.37-1.45
DY BIOGEN INTXSTAY LONG4,815.734,889.354,815.734,889.14+2.48
DY PHARMA INTXSTAY LONG5,352.005,387.305,349.455,364.83+0.96
SIG OILEXPL&PRODSTAY SHORT544.59548.40542.02547.98+0.73
DYN BSC MAT SECSTAY LONG4,835.964,848.254,817.864,831.48+0.03
DYN FIN SEC INTXSTAY LONG2,210.322,216.222,200.612,212.43+0.15
DYN ENG SEC INTXSTAY LONG6,268.956,300.536,245.366,298.74+0.58
DYN IND SEC INTXSTAY LONG5,000.375,012.724,978.745,001.88+0.19
DYN CON STP SECSTAY IN CASH3,091.443,092.763,080.063,081.67-0.28
DYN TEC SEC INTXSTAY LONG2,826.782,826.782,783.462,784.71-1.50
DYN HTC SEC INTXSTAY LONG4,933.014,946.334,928.044,943.69+0.33
DYN CON DIS SECSTAY LONG3,571.023,578.603,561.013,569.72-0.02
FTSE HIG DIV YLDSTAY LONG131.14131.56131.05131.32+0.14
5 YR TSY YLD NDXSHORT16.5316.5316.4016.50-0.48
CBOE GOLD INDEXSTAY IN CASH101.25101.94100.55100.60-0.55
S&P 500 INDEXSTAY LONG1,985.321,989.231,982.441,987.01+0.18
HOUSING INDEXSTAY LONG200.84203.58200.16202.77+0.92
DYNMC LRG INTLDXSTAY LONG2,890.642,892.772,880.712,888.500.00
DYNMC MID INTLDXSTAY LONG3,387.663,396.233,380.743,388.09-0.20
DYNMC SML INTLDXSTAY LONG3,723.653,723.873,700.773,708.19-0.22
DYN AGG GR ITLDXSTAY LONG3,828.243,832.993,811.593,818.28+0.01
DYN DP VAL ITLDXSTAY LONG3,685.713,687.363,670.183,680.82-0.08
LUX NANOTECHSTAY LONG757.30758.81749.89751.16-0.38
MKT GRDR 40 IDXSTAY LONG1,509.331,513.661,503.581,508.38+0.14
CBOE MINI NDXSTAY LONG396.16399.05396.16398.62+0.62
US BROAD MKT NDXSTAY LONG2,246.652,253.282,245.692,250.74+0.18
US MID CAP GWRSTAY LONG3,381.933,388.073,373.413,386.42+0.13
US MID CAP VALSTAY LONG2,980.292,980.292,969.312,975.29-0.17
DOW JONEX SELECT TEN INDEXSTAY LONG144.53145.35144.53145.20+0.46
NYSE US100STAY LONG8,333.508,338.538,317.538,326.89+0.03
NYSE COMPOSITESTAY LONG11,027.4011,035.1011,006.5011,023.90+0.07
NYSE COMP MNSTAY LONG1,101.621,103.521,100.651,102.39+0.07
NYSE ENERGY IDXSTAY LONG15,508.5015,508.5015,282.5015,418.40-0.29
NYSE INT100STAY LONG5,988.815,992.355,981.625,986.75+0.02
NYSE INT100 MNSTAY LONG598.57599.23598.16598.67+0.02
NYSE FINCL INDXSTAY LONG6,557.136,567.586,547.236,559.28+0.19
NYSE WRLD LSTAY LONG7,461.397,465.567,450.137,456.72+0.03
NYSE HEALTHCARESTAY LONG11,415.8011,430.3011,388.5011,406.40+0.02
NYSE TMTSTAY LONG7,692.047,696.207,671.577,677.13-0.18

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